The Flag Centre of Australia


To assemble your own WAVAROO flag follow these steps:
bullet.gif (219 bytes) Down load the two jpeg files
( These files are 148KB each, so be a little patient when waiting for them to open and to download. Remember you will be printing this out, and we wanted to give you a good quality print, hence the large file size.)
webroof.JPG (31734 bytes) bullet.gif (219 bytes) Open in any image editing package or in your browser.

bullet.gif (219 bytes) Choose highest resolution print settings.

bullet.gif (219 bytes) Print out each file.

webroof2.JPG (31440 bytes)
Download WAVAROO file 1 Download WAVAROO file2
bullet.gif (219 bytes) Carefully glue them back to back, matching WAVAROO.
bullet.gif (219 bytes) Cut out flag on blue line, noting wrap space.
bullet.gif (219 bytes) Wrap around a thin dowel (6mm or ") or stick and glue to hold.
Other uses for your friendly Australian waving KANGAROO
bullet.gif (219 bytes) Print onto appropriate transfer paper and iron on both front and back of a Tshirt
bullet.gif (219 bytes) Send us your ideas and we will include them if inspired.