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The simple, easy
art of display

A display system should support creativity and not restrict the expression of ideas. This is the philosophy behind the FLEX-displayTM system.

FLEX-displayTM fits all sizes of banners, posters, signs, full-scale figures or other media in modular form. It is a combination of elegant design and functionalism.

FLEX-displayTM consists of lightweight units in anodised aluminium. It can be positioned precisely where it is needed. It even enables eye-catching advertising to be placed right in amongst the products.

1. The complete basic display kit weighs no more than 1.5kg and comes in a handy canvas bag
2. Unfold the base, connect the poles,
3. and clip the banner on. All in less than one minute.
The simple, easy
art of display

Easy to erect
Within a couple of minutes it is possible to create any type of framework wanted for the presentation of your advertising media.

It’s adjustable too
The FLEX-displayTM framework is adjustable to fit almost any size of media whether it’s small, tall, narrow or wide. The FLEX-display™ can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your promotional campaign.

And your image always looks good
We guarantee high quality reproduction of your image every time whether its by using state-of-the-art digital printing equipment or our professional screen printing facilities. And we can print on just about any surface you can name.

The design makes it possible to display a banner on either side of the stand.