The Flag Centre of Australia
Our flags are either Printed or Appliqued (fully sewn) depending on the design. Many of these products are manufactured on our premises in South Australia, others we distribute for individual manufacturers. All stock, including goods made here and stock we do not manufacture ourselves, are subject to availability however may become unavailable at any time without notice.

Our Flag products include:

Australian range

Australian National Flags in 6 standard sizes
Hand held waving flags made from plastic or fabric.
State and Territorial Flags
Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island Flags

Corporate and Sporting range

Custom made flags with company or sporting logo's
Port Power and Crows team flags.

Special Occasion & Miscellaneous Flags

Boxing Kangaroo Flags
Jolly Roger Flags (Skull & Crossbones)
Open Flags
Sale Flags
Auction Flags
Crows Flags
Port Power Flags





To enable us to quote on your custom made flag, we require the following details:
  • The image you want produced (email or fax us a copy)
  • How many spot colours or full colour (photographic)
  • How many you require
  • What size you need
  • What material you would prefer
  • It would also help if you tell us what you will be using them for.
Fax (08) 8271 7546


Guidelines for flag production

Our standard sizes are:

3' x 1'6" ( ½ size) 900 x 450 mm
4'6 x 2'3" ( ¾ size) 1380 x 690 mm
6' x 3' (full size) 1800 x 900 mm
7'6"x 3'9" 2250 x 1350 mm
9' x 4'6" 2700 x 1350 mm
12' x 6' 3600 x 1800 mm




Mirror Finish:

Most flags are finished in mirror finish. This means the image appears on both sides, however one side is back to front.


Size and Shape

Flags are usually manufactured to the same proportions as the national flag of the country in which they are to be flown.

The official proportions of the Australian flag are 2:1 (the length is twice that of the height).

Wava can manufacture almost any size or shape of flag or banner, however, 'standard' or most frequently requested sizes usually better suit manufacturing techniques and are therefore more cost effective.


The staff at Wava are happy to discuss your requirements and to provide a comprehensive, obligation free quote. Email us or FREECALL 1800 882 975 (within Australia)

Please Note: Wava is no longer a retail outlet.
All Sales are now only available Online,
by Fax (08) 8271 7546 or by Phone 1800 882 975