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Tips for Selecting Your Promotional Products


What are promotional products?


Promotional products vs traditional advertising


When to use promotional products?


Choosing the right Promotional Product


Planning your campaign

  1. What are promotional products?

Promotional products can be classified as useful or decorative items of merchandise, which are usually imprinted with a message or logo and are distributed free of charge. They are valuable marketing tools and are a unique way to communicate directly with existing or potential clients.

Promotional products come in many forms, from writing instruments such as pens, to sporting goods such as golf accessories, in fact they are virtually unlimited in their creativity.

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2. Promotional products vs traditional advertising

Promotional products given to a client will have a longer life than if you had tried to reach that client with a one off advertisement in the newspaper. Promotional products can be placed and seen in many spots that are not accessible by other advertising mediums, for example a keyring in the car or a coffee mug on an office desk. These products can be retained, used and appreciated by recipients. In fact promotional products are the only form of advertising that your customers will thank you for.

Promotional products therefore create goodwill and are remembered long after all other forms of advertising are forgotten. Every time the item is utilised the advertising message is seen again and again at no additional cost to the advertiser. Promotional products are valuable marketing tools and if targeted properly, and used as part of an integrated marketing program, can be powerful and cost efficient too.

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3. When to use promotional products?

Promotional Products can be used to support a new product launch by increasing the awareness of the product in the mind of your employees, the sales force and most importantly, your customers.

Corporate gift items can be used to establish goodwill and reinforce business relationships. A well targeted premium promotional product can often create a sale and encourage future use, in fact people are usually more likely to patronise a business that has given them a promotional product than one that has not.

Promotional products can also be used as an incentive to respond to a direct mail campaign or an incentive for retailers to run in store promotions. Many company’s have created a range of corporate gift items to recognise the achievements of employees’ performance, standards, or years of service.

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4. Choosing the right Promotional Product

Promotional products can be used to achieve a variety of goals. The type of product selected should be based on the intended recipient.

Promotional products come in a range of shapes, sizes and qualities and are really only limited by your imagination. Promotional products fall into a range of categories from wearables, to office accessories, to sporting goods. Popular items include, classic fashion related items including corporate poloshirts, sweats and caps as well as office related accessories such as pens, mouse mats, calendars, diaries, rulers, keyrings, and post it notes. These are just some examples.

Choose promotional items that are reflective of your company’s image and that will last a long time. Budget considerations are also important, but remember that if it needs to make a long lasting impression, it’s best not to offer a cheap disposable item.

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5. Planning your campaign

It is important to plan your campaign and ensure it supports your overall marketing goals.

Step 1 Plan specific objectives and set a budget.
There are a number of key points to consider.
  • Is the product, service or company you are trying to promote, new, old or a relaunch?
  • Who is your target market and what are their characteristics?
  • Business or consumer?
  • What is the lifestyle, age and sex of this market?
Avoid choosing a product by basing decisions on the price alone. It is important to determine what is of value to the target market. Consider also the cost per exposure of the message, remembering each time the product is used this cost decreases.


Step 2

Ring or call into our showroom to select the right promotional product that meets your objectives. You may have a specific product in mind, but you will still need to consider quantity, packaging, decorative detail, colour, style, lead time, and distribution.

If you don’t have a specific promotional product in mind, consult one of our specialists in this field to assist in your decision. We would be more than happy to give you some ideas or supply brochures containing products of interest.

  • Do you require any decorative detail, and if so, in what form? The artwork must enhance the product and provide key information about the product or service and reproduce well on the chosen item.

  • What quantity do you require ?

  • Are their any specific packaging requirements?

  • When do you want the product delivered to you? Make sure adequate time is allocated to produce the product if you are working to a deadline.

  • How are the products to be distributed? By the mail, via your sales representatives or as a gift with purchase? If you plan to send the product through the mail consider how well it will travel. For example, if you intend posting your item, it may not be advisable to choose a breakable product such as glasses or coffee mugs, a mouse mat or keyring would suit this method of distribution better.

  • Do you require samples for packing, delivery trials or for approvals?


Step 3

Next, check what artwork requirements there are for each product. Will you need to supply bromides, a colour laser copy or artwork on disk and if so, in what format?


Step4 Lastly, whilst it is good to produce and distribute promotional products, it is most important to follow up any recipient responses.

We will be pleased to assist you in all aspects of your campaign development. Should you require any further details or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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