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How to Choose a Boot Camp?

But to select a good boot camp you will need to follow some basic guidelines. These pointers will ensure that you do get into the boot camp from which you will gain the maximum benefits.

Proximity of the Boot Camp

There are a number of excellent bootcamps in Broadbeach. While looking for your boot camp, try to locate one that is nearest from your home. This way you will not have to travel a long distance to reach the camp after a long and hard day at your workplace. For this you can look up the address in the phone book or you can browse the internet for the information that will give you a proper picture of the operational aspect of the boot camps.

Investigate the Boot Camp

Ask to see their credentials. You can also ask people who have utilized the facilities in a boot camp about the attitude of the camp towards its participants. Make sure that the participants are really getting the desired results from the boot camp training schedule.

The instructors should be capable of assessing your exact physical condition and create a training schedule that will impart optimum fitness. They should possess the necessary patience and their intention should be to see that you are satisfied.

Investigate the Training Program

An ideal training schedule designed by qualified personal trainers will start with warm-ups followed by cardiovascular exercises after which you will have to perform some resistance exercises, with or without weights.

The routine should conclude with cooling down workouts. Without proper nutrition you will never get the desired results from the exercises. The trainers in a boot camp in Broadbeach should emphasize on the importance of nutrition and the training program should include sessions where you are educated on this aspect.

One you are satisfied with these aspects of a Gold Coast boot camp website, you can safely enroll into it and enjoy a fit and happy life.

37 Body Transformations From Sydney’s #1 Fitness Company

Watch these amazing 37 body transformations, from young to old – fat to thin… and everyone in between.

O.k, o.k… almost rhymed.

Watch the video and enjoy!

New Personal Training T-shirts

We just designed these fantastic personal training t-shirts for this personal training certification company’s students, and I think you’ll agree that they look really coooool!!

They come in red, blue, black and green and are made from a light weight material that is comfortable to exercise in.

Most personal trainers tell us that regular cotton t-shirts are uncomfortable to workout in as they become too hot, especially when doing cardio or strength training in the summer.

If you need t-shirts designed for your fitness company be sure to give us a yell!!

Check out the design below, I hope you like!


Check Out Our Latest Promotion for Dangerously Fit Personal Training

Dangerously Fit recently hired us to design their promotional material for their new Body Transformation Challenge program.

For those of you that don’t know, Dangerously Fit are a personal trainer company that speiclize in weight loss, boot camps, group fitness and online body transformation programs.

The brief was to design artwork for their website that was cutting edge and fit thier current brand, check it out below…

DF-Bundle Image-RED


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